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Chatrapati Shivaji Terminus earlier known as Victoria Terminus in Mumbai, India. Ninght panorama

When traveling to a foreign country, it is a great idea to befriend some locals. Locals can give you unique and inside perspectives on the culture, and take you to places that are off the beaten path. This article will give you some tips about how to make friends with the locals next time you travel.

Before buying a travel guidebook, look online. Much of the information available in expensive guidebooks is also free online. You can print out this information and carry it with you, saving both money and weight in your baggage. This method also allows you to pick and choose which pieces of information are vital for you, and only carry those.

Savvy air travelers know not to let delays get to them personally. In modern air travel delays are virtually inevitable. Every frequent flyer will encounter flights that run late, get overbooked, or even get canceled. Passengers can do nothing about these things. What they can do is remember that the airline personnel taking care of them are doing there best to get them to their destinations.


In countries that you travel to, be aware of the cultural view of how questions are answered. In some places, especially India and Asia, it can be considered very rude to tell someone that you don’t know the answer to their question. Others may simply answer “yes” to any question asked in English. Pay attention to doubtful body language.

As was stated at the beginning of this article, befriending locals is a great idea when visiting a foreign country. Locals can take you places that you would not otherwise see just sticking to tours. Apply the advice from this article next time you travel, and you will be sure to appreciate a unique and different adventure from your regular travel plans.

postheadericon Bruges and the Accommodations

All the classic range to lodges are there in Bruges. Many campsites, especially on the coast and in the Ardennes, AJ, family pensions in small localities, B & B in cities of art, hotels for all tastes and all budgets. There is plenty except, perhaps, in the category of nice, comfortable and cheap hotels.

In addition, when you wish to benefit from a discount, do not forget to have it confirmed to you at the reservation. This will avoid misunderstandings at the time of payment with the reception staff supposedly unaware.

Interesting combination: paradoxically, there are free rooms in shambles at weekends in upscale hotels that host business customers on weekdays. Browse the Internet. Sometimes we can even negotiate before booking.

The breakfast is often understood, but more and more proposed in option; it is generally hearty and of quality.

The price categories are quite variable and depending on:

  • Neighborhood
  • historical centers are obviously much more expensive
  • The time of the year

The most interesting months are January, February, July, August and December

  • The day of the week

Rates are sometimes increased on weekends.

Bed and Breakfast

The guest rooms are in full development, especially in Flanders. It is highly regulated, so comfort assured, and it allows contacts. And even in the countryside, you’re never far from a big city.


As the leading independent restaurant-hotel chain in France, Logis is also present in Europe, and particularly in Belgium with 33 establishments that defend the same strong values: hospitality, quality and local savoir-vivre. Classification of 1 to 3 fireplaces and Logis d’Exception according to the level of services and from 1 to 4 casseroles and Table Distinguished for the restoration. With Hotel Albert in Bruges your options will get a new direction now.

Youth hostels

There are around 100 youth hostels or similar accommodation in Belgium, from Bruges to Antwerp, via Brussels and beyond. Some AJ are also independent guest houses and family hotels, with single or shared rooms. The non-profit organization The youth hostels have launched a preferential rate for families.

More info

Campsites, lodges and rooms at the inhabitant

  • Campsites : 350 fields in Belgium. Online purchase of the Camping Wallonnie-Ardenne Card , which allows, for € 16 per family, to enjoy many benefits in 30 campsites and 150 attractions.
  • ASBL Gîtes de Wallonie : Rural cottages, 500 furnished with tourism and 250 rooms and tables of hosts to discover the specialties of the soil.
  • Gîtes d’étape of the Belgian Center for Youth Tourism : The center manages 29 sites in Brussels and Wallonia. The Gîtes Accueil offer stays in full board (from 27 € approximately) or half-board (from 21 € approximately) while the Gîtes of Group ¬proposeent a formula rental in complete autonomy.
  • Rural home in Wallonia (rural tourism): Nearly 400 addresses of accommodation, but also leisure on the farm, flavors of the soil and educational discoveries. Brochures to download.
  • ASBL GIWAL : The association lists the gites and hikers’ shelters located near the hiking trails in Wallonia.
  • Taxistop : Taxistop offers holyday sitting and coordinates the international exchange of houses or apartments. Centralize also for Europe the offers and requests for free places in private cars (carpooling).

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