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When starting from scratch, it is easy to make mistakes, or more simply, if things have to go wrong, they will go wrong. Returning to the metaphor with the house if the foundations are not stable, the house will collapse to the slightest problem, if the materials used are not of good quality, the building will not hold up. Likewise, if a website is not created with a solid foundation, and a plan for emergencies, it is likely that it will fail within a month. This is why it is important to plan everything at best.

On the other hand, errors are almost inevitable. What is important is to learn from them, and to do it, it is useful to take them off guard. A website brief also serves this purpose predicting problems before they arise, so as to have a solution in hand.

What are the most common problems for new websites?

Lack of experience of the admin and there are those who create a website after having made their bones in other bigger ones and those who decide to start from nothing the latter is a wise idea, although daring, but it can often cause some of the most common problems.

Lack of expert developers and / or professionals

Starting from scratch is fine, but as in everything, it is essential to start from the example of experts, so asking advice from professionals can certainly not hurt.

Want to do everything yourself. Who does by himself does for three, but unity is strength.

  • Missing support from a professional designer.
  • Fixed setting of fixed parameters.

Short term vision regarding the budget it is said that if it costs a lot is also the best, and if it costs too much leads to overdoing too much. Getting back the costs of the first periods is almost impossible.

Failure to deepen research

For a website, knowing the market in which it is going to be inserted is essential. Ignoring this factor means condemning the site to an invisible or almost invisible niche from the beginning.

All of these are very common mistakes. There is no guideline, a project to follow. Many are limited to the minimum necessary, they go on without knowing well where they will arrive  they are like writers who write on impulse  they know where the plot starts from, but they have no idea what will happen next. This may be good for a writer, but not for the business. To get best results choose LinkHelpers Phoenix Website Design Company .

The solution is, we reiterate once again, to create a website brief, a long term project. Only in this way will it be possible to overcome the obstacle of the first months and understand what direction to take in each phase of development of its site.

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